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Rise and Fall of Artisan Bread 'ear'

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Rise and Fall of Artisan Bread 'ear'

I've made many breads in my life and I've never got how to correctly perform a good ear in my breads.

Can you help in contributing what are the contributors and the destroyers of a good bread ear?

I've made a loaf recently and it got great ear but I cannot and do not know how I've come to have magic! 

I've seen this fantastic video about bread ears and I do everything right except maybe little over proofing...though I am not sure!

Is there a possibility of too much steam? I load my oven with 6-8 ice cubes onto a chain down on bottom rack and it creates enormous maybe this could be the Achilles Heel, is there too much steam?  


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I also have recently arrived ear issues, well a lack of them. I'm not sure why, so I look forward to any comments.

I also wonder about excess steam; I have seen comments in text books that too much steam can give a tough crust, but that's not the same as no ears.

I do know that in a well sealed deck oven, the steam injection time may only be 10 secs. The steam is then retained for 10 - 15 mins until it is vented.

I plan to do a trial of two retarded loaves, one baked with steam as described above and the other with continuous steam injection for 10 mins. - next weeks bake!


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Believe me obtaining 'ears' is such an elusive mistress.  I feel your pain.  I'm presently 21 years on this journey and it's somewhat easier, but I still get kicked in the butt occasionally.

I'm sure you already know this, but here are a few pointers I've stumbled on after many hundred pounds of fine flour.....

- If hydration too high %.  During baking will allow softer 'skin' to develop therefore fast oven spring doesn't promote 'ears'.  Ideally you want a skin to develop and the inner dough to puff causing the development of the elusive 'ears'.

- Mixing or kneading extremely influences the structure and performance.  As you already know.  What a balance to achieve consistently.

- Steaming....  my best results is not to over steam.  You want to find the balance for curst and puff development.  This is one of the elusive dances.

- Baguette or Boule forming is also a key to what you are looking for .  The surface skin needs to be tight without over working the dough.  

So I guess what I'm saying is that there is not a regimented dance to achieve  perfection, but diligence will render some moments of smiles.  Keep struggling, developing, and building skills.  It will happen and the journey is a lot of fun.......