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Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer - when is the next print?

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Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer - when is the next print?



I have a pending order for Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer, which is temporarily out of stock.

Anybody know if another print is scheduled?




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I dunno, but i'm in the same boat. I just ordered her book and daniel leader's local breads, and glezer's is out of stock. Any ideas anyone? 


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Did you try your local bookstore or used on The bookstore might be higher, but you are supporting a local business.




P.S. I do highly recommend that Glezer's book though...

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I ordered from Amazon and am waiting for it to come in. It says "not currently available." I ordered it a month ago already.

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Another place to look for hard to find books is  I've used it most often to find a good price on a book. It's amazing how much they vary.  Often one store will have a new copy for much less than another store's used copy. 

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I checked that bestwebbuy link and found one at $130+! Didn't check further into the seller as the price was ridiculous.

Artisan Books is the publisher. Here's their info:

Artisan Books
225 Varick St.
New York, NY 10014-4381
212-254-5900 (phone)
212-677-6692 (fax)

I sent them an email asking if they planned to do another print, noting there were lots of unfilled orders at Amazon (mine included)

ETA: has the book through a reseller in Oregon. I ordered one but my order has not yet been confirmed. The quoted price was $22.

ETA #2: Just got the confirmation from Abe Books that the order is on its way: total price was $20.

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has the paperback for $14.99 (Buy it Now) and then there is a link to, I think it was) paperback for around $10. I guess I was lucky. I got my copy from Amazon (used in excellent condition) for around $25 last Oct.

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Darn. Didn't post as a link. Here's a tinyurl:


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Hey chez-jude,

I was pruning double posts and doing other housecleaning this evening and I saw your two posts in a row, the first with the funky URL and the second this one. Without thinking it through, I deleted the first post and then realized your comment about "while searching around on ebay, I found this" was only on the first post. My apologies for deleting that: I probably should have pasted this URL into that post and removed this one. It wasn't malicious or censorship, I just was being careless while trying to help out.

That is quite a shirt.

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Actually, I was hoping that my first double post would get deleted. But, you're right, the tinyurl doesn't make much sense standing all by itself.

Yes, the shirt is really unusual. Can't quite imagine anyone showing up at at a disco wearing it!

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staff of life

I think we should buy the shirt and mail it around between TFL members.  Everyone takes a picture of him or herself wearing it and uses it as the little photo that goes along with their screen name. :)

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Great idea! Reminds me of when my friend's daughter traveled the US photographing herself at national monuments with her travel companion -- a lifesize cutout of Mr. Spock.

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Here's the reply received from Artisan Books:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding Maggie Glezer's Artisan
Baking Across America. Ms. Glezer's books are very popular, and
unfortunately the specific title you are interested in is not
available at this time. However, we do have a paperback version
titled Artisan Baking that just had a reprint, so a quantity is
currently available.

"Best of luck with your baking!

"Erin Sainz
"Editorial Assistant"


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Amazon just informed me that the book will be shipped soon.

Thanks to all of you that helped.