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Toast seeds before or after soaking

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Toast seeds before or after soaking

totally confused. Do people generally toast and soak or soak and toast? Advice please 

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Toast seeds before soaking. I find it easiest to put seeds in a sheet pan and put them into a 225F oven. They are not easily burned this way.


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David R

Imagine soaking your slice of bread before putting it into the toaster. 😁 (It wouldn't get toasted properly.)


But if you toasted the bread and then soaked it in water, it would absorb water but still taste like toast.

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I usually do them in a dry frying pan but when I have a large quantity like for this weekend’s community bake, I do them in the oven on sheet pans. 

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Mini Oven

on the size of the seed.  Large thick seeds like beans, corn, chick peas and larger may not soak up any water if toasted before soaking.  Pumpkin seeds tend to be flat so they can be toasted first.  Small toasted seeds are easy to crush and turn into powder if desired.  

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Thanks everyone - love this forum 😀