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Bread colour

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Bread colour

I've noticed that my 'white' bread (unbleached white flour only) looks distinctly off-white. I'm not using any special flour (it is unbleached) but the colour of the bread is most definitely greyish-cream rather than the white that I've seen in many of the photos in the gallery etc.

Is this poor technique. Am I doing something wrong or is this something to do with the flour?




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Hi Toby,

On the contrary, I'd say your off-white crumb color is a sign that you're doing something right.

A bright white crumb is usually the result of extensive mixing, which oxidates the dough and breaks down the caretenoid pigments responsible for the off-white color. These pigments also enhance flavor, so a very white crumb is in general a less flavorful bread. Additionally, overmixing leads to a regular, tight crumb.

Also, keep in mind that the colors of the digital photos in the gallery are not necessarily true.


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I just have to say that it's good to see you're still here after your first posts!  Things are going better in the kitchen?

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Yes, thanks to all the great help I've had here. Oh and my nick has changed too :)