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What is wrong with this picture of 2 Chorizo breakfast burritos?

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What is wrong with this picture of 2 Chorizo breakfast burritos?

Well to start with there are only 2 of them and there should be 3 of them

But no one knows how they are made or what is in them so here goes.

First make your own Clower Tortillas from the recipe on this site and cover them with Pepperjack cheese and melt it in the microwave

Then make the chorizo from scratch.  Then fry it with white onion and potato and then fill the cheese tortillas with the mix.


then roll them up and cover them with home made chorizo red sauce.


Then cover the breakfast burritos in more cheese and melt it it in the MW too, also heating the filling again

But then the real missing part of the first photo besides the skimpy number of burritos comes to life.  Get the green garnishes ready, lime wedges, chopped green onion, sliced avocado and cilantro.

But we are not done oh no!  You have to get some crema and even more sauce ready to put on top too.

And there you go OOOpppssss! it is still totally naked!  Now, like any Mexican dish. you can put an egg on top to finish it off but in the morning it is a requirement for a breakfast burrito!

 and Lucy always reminds us to never for get that salad for lunch after breakfast!


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Postal Grunt

It looks like Lucy is on the job today. Are you ready to promote her yet?

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And has been a 2nd Class one for almost 5 years now.  Maybe on her birthday we will make her a 1st Class BA but only if she stops upchucking on my bare toes.

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So many layers of flavors and textures: Totally my kind of food! I can see from the photo how spicy the chorizo and potatoes filling is. Yet I have to imagine in my mind the picture of the egg yolk oozing down the burritos... :) I've not heard of chorizo red sauce. Did you just put in some browned chorizo at the end or it actually formed the base of the sauce? 

To me, the green garnishes are what make Mexican food but I don't often put all of them in Mexican dishes. That's because for lunch, I usually cook only for myself... What am I supposed to do with all the leftover ingredients when I only need a few springs of cilantro & green onions, 2 lime wedges and 1/4 of an avocado? 

Absolutely love everything about these burritos and the salad that follows!

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The only thing I can see is that they’re on your table, not mine!

looks delicious!


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I have no words....I wonder how these would travel via Fed Ex?  Hopefully better than the bottle of Lemon-cello! 😜