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Bread Science

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Bread Science

Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Baking Bread  (Emily Buehler) Having read the excerpts, I feel sure I would enjoy this book.  I really want to learn more about the science behind the bread (and applying it to improve technique, of course).  This looks to be the perfect book for me.  Some complex microbiology and organic chemistry explained in easy-to-follow diagrams and description. Does anyone have this book? Love to hear opinions.I'm hoping to order a copy soon (hope they can ship to the UK).   --Toby 

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I really benefited from reading Emily Buehler's Bread Science last summer. And, while much of the science was over my largely non-scientific head, I find I have gone back to it numerous times to check on some aspect or another of bread baking. I have found that with a better understanding of the science, I have been able to compensate for varying conditions and am now baking consistently better bread. When I ordered the book online, Emily responded immediately and encouraged me to email her any questions I might have. She seems to be a person who loves to bake bread and who wishes to share her knowledge. I heartily recommend the book to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the science of bread baking.


PS: Emily's "distribution office" is her Mom and Dad who will most likely be delighted to ship a copy to you in the UK.


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The only thing I would add Liz's comment and Floyd's review is, don't be scared by Chapter 2. You can skim through it the first time and absorb some of the background, then go back later and read it in detail if you want.

The diagrams in Chapter 2 are incredible though: better than any science textbook I have seen (and I have seen a lot).


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Yes, I read and reviewed it here. Good book.

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Toby this book helped me in many ways - I found everything Liz mentioned above to be true, so I'd say don't hesitate and I'm sure you'll be able to work out with her by email.   


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I've got a copy ordered - can't wait to get it.

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I sent an email yesterday.  Hoping to hear good news re: shipping etc. soon. Thanks.  

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It arrived in the post yesterday. Yay!

I've only covered a few of the chapters so far but it's fantastic.  It's everything I hoped it would be.  It's not a book for instant gratification recipes (although there are some at the end of the book) but gave me a lot to think about re: technique - and also a more holistic understanding of the bread making process. Superb.  

So far I've avoided chapter 2 - waiting until I can have some time for a good sit-down to concentrate.