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bread basket

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bread basket

Anyone has a trick for dough sticking in the bread basket? My dough looked great until I tilted it in the Dutch Oven and it was stuck to the basket lining although I had put lots of flour. The dough was torn. So my loaf ended up flat.

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You don't say whether your basket already has a cloth lining. I find that a well-floured cloth lining is usually OK, especially if you use rice flour. The time I get sticking is when I have a high-hydration dough that I retard overnight in the fridge. For that, I place an extra floured handkerchief in the banneton. Then, when I tip the loaf out on the peel, the handkerchief peels right off.

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It's frustrating to have taken the process all the way, only to have something like that happen. I can relate 😮

In addition to -- and later on, instead of -- flouring your cloth, you might also think of sprinkling seeds or rolled oats into your basket, or coat the loaf with them beforehand.

Oddly enough, when I've had a loaf tear during loading, that rip acts like a natural score and the bread rose just fine... better than when this doesn't happen. Go figure.

Keep on baking. 


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I mix rice flour with AP flour and I guarantee you that even the wettest dough won’t stick. Over time, your baskets will get coated in this mixture and you will need just a sprinkling to maintain the non-stick effect. White or brown rice flour both work nicely.