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Braided rye

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Braided rye

This is Peter Reinharts rye bread. I've done it many times and works very well... so I tried to to braid it and it looked amazing not cooked  and then I cooked it... and this happened... 

What did i do wrong?



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Mini Oven

I was immediately curious!  Cool!  

It's the nature of the beast to tear and split, how to tame it?  

Hmmm ideas....

How about letting it final proof just a little bit longer so it is not so dramatic?  Or scoring a design into the outer visible curves so they can expand, something like untouching little leaf patterns,  Or what about a glaze applied to keep the skin soft while it is springing in the oven heat?  Or two braids, one stacked on the other just before going into the oven.  Or baked into a rounded form or baked in something that might hold the sides giving support.   Eager to hear from the others.   

Perhaps the flour used to shape ropes was too drying contributing to tearing, how about shaping with damp hands or keeping braid moist while proofing.  Does anything make sense?

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a) the dough ought to have been braided more loosely and/or

b) the braid would have benefited from more fermentation before baking

Perhaps some support during final fermentation might have helped, too. 

In any event, it looks as though it will taste delicious. 


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I was immediately intrigued by your title, since I'd been wondering the same thing. Kudos to you for having tried! 

Thanks, Mini and Paul for the tips;  definitely things to consider when I finally take the leap and give this a whirl 😊

Happy new year to all -- and keep on baking! 


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Thanks everyone ! its weird, i dont get notifications anymore when there are comments.. 

i will try all of the suggestions !