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New appliance!

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New appliance!

Big surprise on Christmas Eve! We do réveillon which means all Xmas presents get opened at midnight on Christmas Eve.  There was a huge box under the tree destined for me and when I opened it, I discovered a Kitchenaid Pro Line 7 Quart Stand Mixer! I am thrilled but a bit apprehensive at the same time. How do I convert my usual method to using a mixer? 

Basically, I do a 2 hour autolyse with flour and water (sometimes with some add-ins), then I add the Levain, yogurt and salt. Mix well, rest 30 minutes. Then on 30 minute intervals, I do 75, 40, 10 slaps and folds on the counter. Following that, I fold the dough 2 or 3 times in the tub still on 30 minutes intervals. 

Can I do a one minute initial mix on 2 for the autolyse, then replace the slaps and folds by mixing 3-4 minutes on 2 with the dough hook? Will that replace the three sets of slaps and folds or should I still do 3 sets 30 minutes apart? 

As you can tell, I don’t have a clue on how to proceed. Help? 😊

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I'm not sure how well my protocol will transfer to your situation but here goes. I'm using a Mockmill attachment to my KA mixer and I mill my flour directly into the mixer's bowl. I then add whatever hydration my recipe requires and mix with the paddle. If I'm working with a levain I hold off mixing it in and just let the water and flour 'get acquainted for 30 minutes. At the end of that time I mix in any liquid enrichments, honey or molasses, and the levain if I'm using it or the yeast using the paddle. I then switch to the dough hook and use it to get the dough to come together and proceed to knead it after it's aggregated for at least 5 or 6 minutes. I then rest the dough for 10 minutes. After that I add in my salt and ghee and continue using the hook for 4 minutes of kneading. My objective is a sandwich loaf and not an artisanal loaf so I don't know how much of my technique will apply to your baking. Have fun with your new 'toy'. I'm assuming that batteries were not included (that's SOP for Christmas presents). 

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Old Baker

As a starting point, use the mixer interchangeably with hand mixing.  That is, use the mixer whenever the recipe calls for mixing or kneading.  Slap and fold as you always do,  then adjust your method as needed.  A KA mixer on low speed (1 or 2) with the dough hook kneads nicely.