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Hints for sourdough rolls?

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Hints for sourdough rolls?

I've been making some good loaves with 100% white flour, 70% hydration (no additives). I decided to experiment with using the same dough making rolls, with mixed results (see photo), baking them at 200deg C for 30 minutes. On one dimension they are fine (good crumb inside) but the crust was a bit hard, so next time I'll do it at 180deg. The other thing is that when I put it on the tray to rise, they tend to slump, and the finished product looks a little odd. I'm used to using a banneton with a dutch oven, so this is new territory. Any hints that you can suggest?

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Mini Oven

Try draping a floured tea towel over a muffin pan and start filling with rolls from the middle.

Actually you might be able to give the rolls more support with a decorative folding or shape like rolling out snakes and tying knots with them.  You might also find that a slight drop in hydration may help.  Try pull apart shapes or crowding the rolls together before baking.  Susan was telling me the other day about biscuits.  When they just touch on the baking tray, the biscuits rise higher than when too much space surrounds them.  Wonder if those physics would apply to the rolls.  

Oh, and you could try scoring the rolls to direct expansion upwards.  

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Edo Bread

I find adding a bit of oil to the dough changes a bread formula to a nice roll.