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Should I cream butter and sugar in a dough?

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Should I cream butter and sugar in a dough?

I'm wondering if creaming butter and sugar for a dough recipe will help produce a softer crumb in the bread. Creaming seems to be a technique used in cakes, etc. -- but I don't think I've ever seen it used in a bread recipe.

Is there any benefit to using creamed butter and sugar in a dough? Or does all that trapped air in the dreamed butter and sugar disappear due to the kneading of the dough?

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that's for cookie making really.  If you want a softer  crumb use milk  instead of water or  use flour that's been bleached, or  make a pre-gelatinized base with about half the flour.   It's easy to  do any of them.  All will give you a softer crumb.  The pre-gel' is a little more work. Just dump some flour in a pan and add milk till it's a slurry,  Then turn on the heat and whisk like mad till it reaches 165F  adding fluid as needed to make it possible to  work the stuff.   At 165F hold it there for a moment or two and let cool.  That'll un-spool the starches making for  what will feel and taste like a thick pudding.     When cool just work that into the dough not adding any fluids unless it's necessary  I never find it necessary to add more fluid. I often need more flour.