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Feedback? Second batch of harvest loaves

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Feedback? Second batch of harvest loaves

Made a 90:10 white-wheat blend loaf a couple weeks ago that came out nicely. Tried again this weekend and the flavor was there, but the shape and scoring were off. Not sure what I might have done differently. Gallery link below.

The first loaf (flour rings) definitely looks flatter compared to the second loaf. Cross section in gallery seems to confirm this. I'm wondering since the second loaf (no flour rings) came out fuller if I did not left the first proof long enough. Also, neither had great scoring separation. I really like that cracking open look, which I got with the loaf a few weeks ago. 

Thoughts on what went differently, or where I could improve?

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Looks like there could be several things happening: forming, proofing, scoring and formula/recipe.   Small changes in several variables can produce a large difference in the final result.


Forming and proofing: the first photograph shows to me the loaf was not consolidated after forming.  How long was the proofing period?  What is the the hydration?  


Good examples on steam and the effect on ear:


Scoring: this is skill developed with practice over time. In my experience: lower hydration helps, deeper scoring helps, holding the lame on an angle helps.  Steam in the oven helps.  


What I have found is that achieving very consistent method allows me to better diagnose the final product.  This means care is taken in measuring ingredients, sequence of mixing, and both time and temperature of each step.