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Multi-grain Sourdoughs and Sourdough Rye with Walnuts Dec., 2018

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Multi-grain Sourdoughs and Sourdough Rye with Walnuts Dec., 2018

For the past few months, I have been baking breads with 40% home-milled mixed whole grain flours. I have been playing with various combinations of whole wheat, rye, kamut and spelt. The hydrations have been between 78 and 83%. I have found the flavors wonderful, but the crumb a bit dry, especially after freezing.

Last week, I returned to a bread with 30% whole grain flours and 81% hydration. The crumb was more open, and the crumb was cooler and less "dry" feeling. The flavor was subtly sweeter. I think my 40% whole grain breads need higher hydration, even than 83%. Stay tuned!

I have also been thinking for some time about trying some new (to me) rye breads. This week, I made Hamelman's "Sourdough Rye with Walnuts." This is a 50% whole grain rye bread. It is leavened by a firm rye sour and a bit of instant yeast, but it also contains a significant amount of un-pre-fermented rye - 40% of the total rye flour. The amount of walnuts is high - 25% baker's percentage. It is very tasty, especially good with cheese. 

 I hope you all are having wonderful and delicious holidays!

Happy baking!



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As always, your posts are a joy to read.  I can only imagine what the breads taste like, especially the idea of the walnut bread paired with some good cheese.  Yum.

Lately I have been doing Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough with Increased Whole Grain.  Compared with the Tartine and FWSY breads, his seem very stiff with hydrations in the mid-60s, but the oven spring is tremendous (even though the bulk fermentation does not produce puffy dough), and the taste is great (crispy crust and cool crumb).  Now you have given me an urge to explore his breads some more.

Thanks for posting again.

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"edgy" bakers out there.  But none more reliable and more honest than Hamelman.  If I could have only one baking book it'd be his.


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to see how it goes with higher than 83% hydration! That will definitely be interesting to handle. Your loaves above look gorgeous!

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Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful. 

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Can't go wrong with JH rye breads..  You will get the hydration in the 40% whole grain bread figured out soon enough I'm sure.  Nice breads all the way around for sure!

Happy Baking David

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Great looking loaves, David. I haven't been on TFL in a few years since opening our bakery -but, I am happy to see some regulars right off the bat!

We've adapted the Rye & Walnut from Bread at my bakery to use house-made goat cheese in the dough as well. If ever feeling frisky, I recommend it wholly.

Great work!

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Nice to see you back on TFL, Arlo!

I was thinking about incorporating cheese in the dough. What type of goat cheese do you use? I'd think a fresh, soft chevre would melt into the dough and get lost.