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Good place to order flour in UK to keep postage down

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Good place to order flour in UK to keep postage down

I use a variety of organic flours in UK ranging from Shiption Mill, Marriages to Gilchester but 

get very annoyed when I have to add so much for postage.

I came across this web site and they have a great selection of flours at a good price and DON'T CHARGE ANY POSTAGE FOR MORE THAN £20.

So, I now make a bigger list with a selection of Kamut, spelt, Einkorn etc. etc. and hit £20 quickly and no postage...

Happy baker just wanted to share, if anything has the same dilemma..


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liz grieve

Hi Kat

Shipton Mill do a great range of flour their delivery is free at £30 Are you near a Waitrose They have a great selection too. I try and get some when I am in a city !! We are lucky where I live our local farm shop stock Gilchesters and Mungoswells ( a Scottish Flour ) which is really gorgeous nice and coarse

Not forgetting Wholefoods Online Great for seeds dried fruits nuts etc it's free delivery at £30 and you gain points which gives you discounts They also do an offer of Eg 3kg Organic Pumpkin Seeds if you spend so much The offer changes I don't bother with their flour  Bakery Bits do a fantastic selection of flour from lots of different small mills 

Happy Baking Liz x

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and luckily we have a lot of choice...

I also bake a lot with Doves flour and this web site just was great as I could order Shipton Mill, Doves , Marriages and others in ONE place at great prices. I also shall try Wholefoods Online and Waitrose is not far however it has been amazingly tricky to get Organic Marriages locally and now I've found a little village community shop that orders it for me in 'bulk' and best price as I bake so much with their flour and like the idea that it is a mill locally to me...

Happy Baking....X Kat

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I use their flour for all my baking now, it really is high quality!  Also their prices are very good indeed, especially their organic spelt.  I have been to the mill twice now and it is beautiful! the staff are all really friendly too.

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This.  Start with a 25-kg sack of organic white and it's easy to add wholegrain flours to go with it and get free shipping.  Good to know there are other sources too, but unless I really lacked any space to store our usual bulk order, I'd keep buying from Shipton Mill indefinitely -- their quality is so good!

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I use the Shipton Mill Light Rye mainly for starter maintenance combined with some white and it works really well...

My go to flour Strong Organic White is from Marriages and have also great result with their WW. However, I use Doves for Kamut, Spelt etc. and might try the Shipton Mill Organic Spelt instead...I also noticed that they are offering Kamut now...

Spoilt for choice.... Kat

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and I just spent £ 30 on an amazing selection of flours at Shipton Mill. I ran out of Marriages and thought I give £ 30 worth a go with a lovely selection...and as everybody said the prices are very good indeed. I treated myself also to some Emmer, Einkorn, Malted...and so on....aren't we easy to please!   Kat