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A "new" solution?

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A "new" solution?

I wanted to share a recent experience. I was making ciabatta and had my usual anxiety about transferring the loaves to my baking stone.  Then it occurred to me to put parchment paper on my peel and just slide both the bread and the paper onto the stone.

Is this something people have been doing for years? Is there some drawback to this that my little brain has overlooked?



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I don't use a baking stone, but I've only ever used cooking paper when moving shaped boules around.

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I don't own a peel; I just use parchment and a sheet pan to scoot the loaf into the oven. One advantage to this is that I can avoid using flour/cornmeal/semolina on the bottom of my loaf which I like because it usually chars on the stone and sometimes it gets a little smoky.  One disadvantage I've read about is the paper preventing the bottom of the loaf from getting crisp; some texts suggest pulling the paper out after the first 3rd of the bake.  I usually do this but I've never really tried leaving it in and comparing.