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Hello Dear Bakers

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Baking Soul

Hello Dear Bakers

Hello Everyone ,,


My name is Abdullah and i'm from Saudi Arabia. i had passion for baking since i was little and it kept growing with me and i started to dream about opening my own bakery one day.

So two years ago I've decided to quit my 9 t 5 job and go for my dream and i went for an institute in France and took bakery diploma then worked in an Artisan bakery and i loved it. when i decided to come back home i found that there is non, no Artisan bakery and the only decent place i can work in is the five stars hotels.

I feel kinda down now, no one around me to take experience from and it's hard to combine Artisan with hotel bread, especially that there is no time and the hotel is always busy.

whenever i do a search about bread this site comes in the first result, so here i'm now among you to learn from your experience and knowledge.


Thanks and sorry for my poor English ,,

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Ask any questions and show us what you bake.


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I would have thought English was your mother tongue. Welcome. Nice to have you here. Looking forward to seeing your bakes. 

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You might want to PM Khalid "Mebake", he has a wealth of knowledge with many years in Dubai and now in Beirut and gone from a rank amateur to a very good professional Baker. Just have a look at all of his posts on TFL. He has fulfilled his dream of baking for his living and is a kind and generous person who i had great pleasure of meeting whilst transiting Dubai quite a few years back.

Kind regards Derek 

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many teachers and make some friends here!

Bake well, be happy.


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Baking Soul

Thank you all

i will be asking a lot of questions soon, learning from you and sharing what i do.