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Cranberry Wild Rice with Pepitas

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Cranberry Wild Rice with Pepitas

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I am doing Xmas Sourdough orders again like last year. The plan was to simplify and only offer two kinds of breads but somehow, I can’t say no and I am doing 3 kinds. And not only that… last year, I limited my orders to 36 loaves… somehow things go away on me and I am doing 48. So that means 4 baking sessions as I can only make 12 loaves at a time. 


On top of all of this, I have a bunch of other commitments that I can’t get out of. So the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy. Hopefully, someone doesn’t end up maimed or dead at the end of this!


So I apologize in advance if I am not going into as much detail as usual. First baking session is a Cranberry Wild Rice with Pepitas.


Makes 3 loaves


Wild Rice:

75 g raw wild rice

10 g buckwheat groats


60 g pumpkin seeds, raw

150 g cranberries

200 g water

30 g honey


700 g unbleached flour

200 g kamut berries

200 g spelt berries

575 g water

30 g yogurt

22 g salt

250 g 100% hydration 4 stage levain


A few days before:

  1. Bloom the wild rice with the buckwheat groats by the method of your choice. Once bloomed, refrigerate until needed.

Two days before:

  1. Mill the kamut and spelt berries, sift the bran and reserve 125 g of bran/sifted flour for the levain. Start building your levain (10g/10g/10g).
  2. Place the flours in a tub and reserve.

The day before:

  1. In the morning, continue building the levain (20g/20g).
  2. Toast the pumpkin seeds. Add the cranberries and the water. Soak overnight.
  3. At night, feed the levain again (40g/40g).

The day of:

  1. Do your final build of the levain (80g/80g).
  2. Add the honey to the soaker.
  3. A couple of hours before the levain is ready, add the wild rice, the soaker, and the water to the flours and mix well. Let sit covered at room temp (73F).
  4. Once the levain has peaked, add the yogurt, the salt and the levain to the dough. Mix well and let sit 30 minutes.
  5. On 30 minute intervals, do slaps and folds (75/50/10), and then go to stretches and folds (3 sets).
  6. Let sit for an hour and then refrigerate for a couple of hours.
  7. Divide into portions of 800 g and round with a scraper. Let rest for 1 hour.
  8. Shape into boules and put seam side down into bannetons.
  9. Cover and place into the fridge for 9-10 hours.

Baking day:

  1. Heat pots and oven to 475 F for an hour. Bake boules seam side up for 30 minutes at 450 F covered, and then at 425 uncovered for 17 minutes.


I got okay but not great oven spring for some reason. Maybe I shouldn’t have soaked the cranberries and added the add-ins later...



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I'd rather do 99 bottles of beer on the wall:-)  No matter, I'm sure all of your customers will be happy as pie if this is one of them.  This bread is becoming a classic combination.  The first time I saw it was when Karin (Hanseatta) made one from Maria Speck's recipe but I think Peter Reinhart put a wild rice and onion bread in Artisan Bread. in 2009  Now you can google Wile Rice and Cranberry bread and get who knows how many recipes including Yummly's 10 best Cranberry and Wild Rice breads:-)  Since you are selling them, I guessing there is no reason to wait for a crumb shot.  I think for Christmas you need to ask Santa for a huge oven you can bake 48 loaves in all at once and I will drink 99 beers while reading about it all on TFL!

Well done and Happy Baking Danni

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and I feel tired just thinking about so many loaves!  just a question - you say bloom the wild rice, I haven’t heard that before. is it basically a soaker or are you cooking it? 


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And put it in the oven with the light on for about 24 hours. The temp in there with the door closed is slightly over 110 F.

Lots of people use their dehydrator to do the same thing. They remove the shelves, put the jar with the lid on in there and let it go for 24 hours.

You could also cook it but it takes a good 45 minutes to burst so you could do that if time is an issue. Either way, the rice is soft with a bit of a crunch to it.

Or you could buy a can of already cooked wild rice if you really don’t feel like fussing.  😂 

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I would not have thought of that.  I haven’t tried incorporating rice..... one more thing to try when life is back to normal.  I think I will definitely try that as I like the idea of the wild rice.

Happy baking Danni - hope the pizza party goes well, you bake and do an amazing amount of stuff!


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Our Crumb

Once you've convinced yourself that you can (sucessfully!) bake that many loaves, you're headed down a slope, at the bottom of which you'll be in excellent company: Varda, Golgi70/Josh, Franko and Mebake/Khalid.  All TFL alumni who turned pro (well, Franko already was).

And such inspired ingredient combinations.  Brava, Danni!



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I am happily retired and do not want another job! Between the bread baking on the weekends and pottery during the week plus the pets, the daughter, the hubby, exercise and whatever else is going on in my life (like craft sales and horse banquet not to forget wood fired pizza parties where I volunteer to make 40 balls of dough😳!), I don’t have time to turn pro. And yes, the pizza dough got made! Thank goodness for friends who own restaurants with commercial freezer to keep it until the pizza party next weekend. 

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for this one as we cut into it today! Sourdough does freeze beautifully!

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grand on the inside,  Happy baking in the New year less than 48 loaves at a crack!