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I'd like to propose an up voting system for Reply's

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I'd like to propose an up voting system for Reply's

Just like at where you could easily understand from the upvoting system the more upvoted the less likely to be a fault in directions or explanations.

Here are entering beginner bakers with somewhat less knowledge of what's right or how it is done and can be misleading others by their forum reply that can spiral for years in painfully unknown mistake. 

Up voting will minimize this to a minimum by directing bakers and viewers to the right method or practica by seeing the up voted score.

I often see advanced answers by users here and I have no idea if that's actually true or not and only to find it by my own practice trial and error.

Please make some way to up vote or any way on this site to know better in the down right spiral of answers to a subject presented.

 Separate the men from the boys (professional answers from amateur and faulty ones)




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If the same people (everyone on this forum) will be doing the voting you'll end up where you started. 

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Spend a little time on this forum and you will quickly tell who gives the better replies.  This is one of the very best forms on the internet.  No need to mess with a great one.


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This site used to have up/down voting. It didn't get a lot use so I phased it out in one of the rebuilds. That is a more common feature now than it was then though so it might be more useful now. I'll take a look at what is available now.

Also worth mentioning that it is by design that the site doesn't distinguish between the professional and amateur members, or play up who the old timers are here from the new members. Helpful advice can come either (bad advice too). As deblacksmith says, spend a bit of time here and you figure out whose advice you prize and whose you find less helpful, which isn't just a matter of the quality of advice but also of your tastes and interests.