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Bread vs. Dinner Rolls

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Bread vs. Dinner Rolls

Greetings... My bread is fabulous and I've settled into a nice recipe and technique that yields a loaf of sourdough I'm really proud of... I was wondering, in general, what adaptations are needed (besides the size of the loaves) to convert my bread recipe and techniques into some amazing Thanksgiving sourdough rolls?  Our family cannot get together for another week so I have plenty of time... any help appreciated...

basic bread recipe (grams):

200 starter (@100% hydration)
1100 flour (500 AP, 400 BF, 200 WW)
750 water
20 salt

- mix starter and warm water, add flour. mix, rest 30 min to 1 hour
- add salt, fold in until incorporated
- series of stretch and folds (30 min apart) (4- 7, depending on time)
- overnight ferment in refrigerator (36 F or so)
- next day set on counter to warm up for an hour, then divide, degas, pre shape, rest 15 min.
- shape and place in proofing baskets, into cold oven with light on for one hour or so
- preheat oven and clay bakers (with lids) to 500 F while baskets sit on counter
- bake at 500 F covered for 20 minutes, then uncovered until done

So, suggestions for generally switching this comfortable process to produce dinner rolls?


Thanks very much for your assistance !

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really depends on what type of rolls you're after... do you want "small sourdough loaves", or soft and light pull apart type rolls?

if the latter, you'll add butter, sugar, and some other recipes use egg for cake like texture. 

suggest looking at this recipe as a starting place, and i don't think a levain is necessary.

this recipe doesn't suggest proving in the fridge, but i find that an overnight proof (or an hour) makes enriched dough much easier to handle. 

if you want a tangier roll, you can cold proof longer. if you'd like minimal starter taste, i would suggest using a your starter after feeding maybe 5-6 hours.

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Mini Oven

how about tear off type rolls from an Epi or wheat shaped bread?   Google  Bread Epi

might want to drop hydration a few tablespoons down from 70%.