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First Time Sourdough

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First Time Sourdough


This was my first attempt at a sourdough. I’d appreciate any critiques about what I could do better and maybe what went right/wrong. I thought the flavor was good and pretty mild in terms of “sourness”. However I was disappointed in the flatness of the bread. During the fermentation, the bread wasn’t stretching very well and was ripping apart a little as it rose. Before I handled the dough to move it to the oven, I think the dough lost a lot of it’s volume. I was afraid of over mixing and only mixed for about 7 min in the kitchen aid. Also the crust was very  crunchy which I think I would have enjoyed if the bread part was bigger. I did 5 hour proofing and 12 hours in fermentation. No retarding in the fridge at all.

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and from the limited description you gave us, I would say that your bread is way over fermented and overproofed unless your room temperature is very low. A more detailed description of your recipe and the process would be helpful in pinning down what happened. 

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I agree with previous post, looks very overfermented to me. 

Remember "watch the dough and not the clock"

7 minutes in the KA is not a lot. You can go 10+ minutes at speed #4 in a KA and not overmix. Frankly, it takes a lot to overmix in a KA. 

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Please let us know the recipe and complete methods used. The more info you provide, the better we can help.

Also, is your starter proven? Have you baked good breads with it before?

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