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charlene in va


Hi everyone,


I'm Charlene from Virginia.  I found this website a few months ago and have been thouroughly enjoying it's content and especially the delicious pictures of breads you have made.


I have loved to bake most of my life but recently have entered a new realm of baking.  A friend and I are working on starting a home-based bakery with hopes of doing wholesale orders and maybe eventually a retail area.  We are currently in the throes of getting ready for an inspection by the Dept. of Agriculture.


Just wanted you know how much I appreciate these forums and your comments.  Hopefully, you will be seeing more of me around here! 

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I'd love to know how the visit from the dept. of agriculture goes. It would be interesting to see what they look for. I thought of sometimes making bread for a small farmer's market we have here in the summer.



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charlene in va

We were given a checklist to work from.  It is a huge packet of material but the main things were:


recipes for all the items we want to produce

list of suppliers for each ingredient

process flow charts for each recipe

floorplan of baking area including how/where supplies will be stored

water sample, if not on town water

method of packaging

explanation of how items will be transported


It doesn't sound that bad but when you really start working on it - it takes a while!