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Oat flour sourdough

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Oat flour sourdough

Does anyone have a recipe for a sourdough loaf using some oat flour which they're willing to share?


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Oats do not have gluten you you can't do a 100% oat flour sourdough.  What you can do it replace some of the regular flour with oat.  I read 1/3 of the flour can be replaced.  You could try it and see what happens.


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in oats, because celiacs can't eat them.  They are not gluten-free.  However, I can see that the little teeny bit of gluten in oats would not be enough to raise an eyebrown, let alone a sourdough.

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PattyL is right, There is gluten in Oats. Its kind of similar to spelt andrye in the way that they have gluten, but its weaker and a smaller percentage than Wheat. I had a Ceoliac friend who couldnt eat any of those lovely grains :(


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Mini Oven

i just substitute up to 1/3 of the wheat flour with oat flour in a favorite recipe.  It is also possible to throw rolled oats or soaked rolled oats into an existing dough with minimal corrections in moisture content.  Or roll the dough into oats before final proof.  And if you find you've thrown in too much wild oats and the bread needs taming,  grease a form and oat flake-a-nize it.  The toasted oats in the crust add a little something extra!  (A good way to tame a wild oat.  btw Q: How does one tell the difference between tame oats and wild ones?    With the wild ones, one has to sneak up on them in the dark!)  (How does one sneak up on wild ones in the dark?  Wait till the lights go out!)

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