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Sourdough noob

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Sourdough noob

Hi all,

After at least a month trying to get a sourdough starter going, I finally succeeded (thank you rye and pineapple juice!) and made my first loaf. I’m happy overall, made a country boule (about 60% white BF, 30% very strong WW and 10% rye), good flavor and crust. It was a bit too big and pillowy for my Dutch oven so thinking I may have overproofed? About 4 hrs BF then overnight in the fridge and about 2 hrs on the counter to come to room temperature before baking. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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It looks about perfect to me, although the photos aren't ideal.  I bake straight from the fridge without a warm-up when I do a cold final rise, which is almost always.  Crumb looks great, open and even, and crust looks great.  Nice work.