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Sourdough Cookies Puffing Too Much?

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Sourdough Cookies Puffing Too Much?

Hello All, 

First time poster and all around sourdough newbie here. I have had my starter for about 6 weeks now and it is a vivacious one. I have had a lot of great breads and other leavened creations with the starter, but it seems that whenever I try to follow sourdough cookie recipes it puffs up into a really cakey texture. My fiance loves them that way (so it's not all bad), but I am not a huge fan of them and am wondering if there is a tried and true recipe any of you use for a very active starter -or- how to best compensate using less starter in a recipe that calls for, say, 1 cup? Is it as simple as replacing that partial cup with a 50/50 weight of water and flour? Any knowledge you have on this would be great!

To give the details on my starter: I keep it at 100% hydration feeding it 12 hours regularly at room temp / every 5 days when in the fridge. Even fresh out of the fridge, my starter jumps back and doubles or nearly triples in size after a single feeding.  


Thanks in advanced!


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and don't let them proof as much so they don't spring as much