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pls help with potato water w/flakes instead of potato

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pls help with potato water w/flakes instead of potato

Tomorrow I'd like to tweak & enlarge the Potato Sandwich Loaf from Beranbaum's The Bread Bible into a large uncovered Pullman for sandwiches (incorporating multi-grain flour in the sponge).  She says substituting potato flour/water for riced potato in the final dough will provide a slightly better rise.  I have potato flour, am out of potatoes & don't feel like shopping tonight.  So, no potato water for the sponge unless I use instant flakes.  

For 8.6 oz water how much potato flakes would suffice for potato water (new for me).  It would take about 1-1/8 cups flakes to makes mashed potatoes, so maybe 2 TBSP?  Thanks for helping me play, and have a great baking weekend!   

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Mini Oven

starch would be my substitute, use a Tangzhong formula with some of the recipe water.  Weigh with dish, nuke it, weigh again and add back any lost water.   :)

5% of flour weight x 5 to get water weight.  Heat until starts to clear and thicken, or just starts to blurp. Do not boil.

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Allison Slattery

3/4 cup mashed potatoes = 1/4 cup potato flour = 1/2 cup + 1 TBL dry instant mash

I've interchanged potato flour with mashed (reducing the other liquid ingredients) successfully but I've never tried the instant potato flakes personally.

I've also read that potato flour and instant flakes are interchangable by exact weight.

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I subbed the potato flour for fresh per the recipe.  Threw 1-1/2 TBSP of flakes into the lightly pulsed 5-grain flakes I added to the sponge, then poured on boiling water to soften a bit (and cool) before adding flour & yeast to the sponge.  Despite my tweaking, got a nice 2.8 lb Pullman with good oven spring, med-soft with a nice crumb for sandwiches & toast. 

Not sure what potato water adds other than flavor.  I've always done it when specified, was just out of the veg and had already planned to try the potato flour option in the dough.  It worked very well, and perhaps isn't quite as dense as past loaves with riced potato have come out.  Thanks everyone!