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is there a rule for starter to flour?

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is there a rule for starter to flour?

I am seeing sourdough recipes that call for the following:

50g of starter to 500g of flour

100g starter to 500g flour

400g starter to 700g flour and so on...

Is there a rule of thumb to go buy? How does one decide on what the ratio is?



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basically on how fast you want dough to ferment and taste. Personally, I tend to stick around 10 -13 percent of preferment flour (that is the amount of flour that goes into the levain divided by the total amount of flour including the flour in the levain) because I like to proof my loaves in the fridge so I want slow moving dough at that point. If I use too much levain, my dough will ferment more quickly and I risk having it overproof before I can get it into the oven. 

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I've wondered that myself but hadn't gotten around to researching.  It's fun trying all the wonderful recipes here;  the bookmarks increase faster than I can bake.


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Thank you