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Under proofed over?

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Under proofed over?

Hi all please help , the crumb result from my bread has changed I don’t think I’m doing anything different than usual but my bread doesn’t get as many caves and air pockets. Is it underprooved? I retard over night for at least 12 hours. Please help...Confused baker 

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Option 3: Amazing Loaf

Big air pockets is not always sort after but a few factors are involved like hydration and handling. 

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the crumb looks pretty good to me.


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Looks pretty good to me also.  Your profile doesn't list your location, but in many parts of the US, this time of year temperatures are changing quite a bit, so your timing may have to change,  

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It could be something like working the dough more than before, but it’s entirely possible that big holes are overrated.

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It helps to have a shot of the crust and the opening of the score for such diagnoses.

If I had to say based on this pic, I'd say it looks really good, but on the far side of the proofing window...