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Rye not?

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Rye not?

What percentage of rye flour is needed call a loaf rye bread? 20%? 30%? More?

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Legally, or what? It would depend on where you were to know whether there are labelling standards.

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At the risk of sounding cynical - none at all.  If you want to call a burger bun a rye bread who's to stop you?

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Mini Oven

in the United States bread is called by the non white wheat ingredients that set it apart from a pure white wheat loaf. Where as in Europe, bread is named after the most prominent ingredients.  So a rye in America could contain as little as 5% but a rye in Europe contains at least  75% if not more to be called a rye loaf.    A 50/50 rye/wheat is called a "mixed" loaf.