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Drastically overproofed dough and what to do with it

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Drastically overproofed dough and what to do with it

Yesterday afternoon, I was behind schedule and thought I could get a bread to proof in time for dinner by putting it out in the sun. It stayed out on the table all night and was rediscovered some time this morning. I've done things like this before. More than once, and they either look like a hot air ballon or a sinkhole depending on how long. My usual salvage op is to make a deep dish pizza because you can just jam and smoosh that beat up strengthless dough into a buttered cast iron and load on the good stuff, resulting in a pretty decent dinner most of the time. 

Does anyone have any other uses for dough that has been criminally neglected like mine?

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Mix it into the next batch -- it's a traditional preferment. Divide your overproofed dough into 6 pieces, freeze 5 of them, and mix one piece into your replacement batch.