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sandwich bread

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sandwich bread

I am new to bread making. Today I made Susan's Farmhouse White Sandwich Bread. I ended up with 2 loaves and 2 pans of cinnamon rolls. Bread was good. Family likes. Texture was good. but I really am looking for a yeastier and much sweeter taste. Can anyone point me in that direction. Do I make changes to this receipe or look for another? I want to try so many of the breads I'm reading about on this site but feel I should take it slow and perfect one before going on to the next. I baked this morning and have spent all afternoon reading the forum. I am leaning a lot but am not always sure I understand all the terms.



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Hello PaulaV,

I am sure bread baking is different things for different people and I don't think you should be intimidated from jumping in and getting your hands dusty with any recipes you find interesting. As far as working on one  recipie at a time trying to get it perfect, remember that many things can affect you dough such as temp and humidity. Above all, just enjoy your self.

Best of  luck,