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Portuguese Sweet Bread - video

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Portuguese Sweet Bread - video

Hey there everybody. I just made this baking video and put it up on YouTube - a little blurry, but I'll try putting a clearer version on our bakery site later. It's a 'how to' without the commentary (if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth...). Anyway, let me know what you think, and if you'd like any other topics addressed in my future videos. The next one will be on kneading and folding whole wheat dough. Thanks!

And I should mention that my wife was the cinematographer.


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I am drooling. (I do that alot on this site :S)

They look sooo good and the video is great. Simple, clear, and tasty looking!

What did you fill the bread with? Is it a similar recipe to the one in BBA? (Understanding that most recipes for a certain bread would differ slightly with each bakery and baker :)

mmmmm yum!

Thanks for sharing the video :) I will be an eager voyeur of any videosyou make in the future :)



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Thanks for the compliments, and Floyd is right on the money with the answer "Azuki beans" for the filling. Believe it or not (and it may be blasphemous to say this) I don't have the BBA. The recipe for the bread is on the site, and the filling is right out of the can.


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lol. Well, I am glad to provide the drool when you provide such lovely bread porn ;) Your website just made it worse.......:S Delicious! I wish I lived near by! mmmmmmmm!

No not blasphemous to not have BBA, you dont seem to need it :)

Ah, Azuki bean it kind of like sweet red bean paste in chinese steamed buns? If so, I adore that stuff! mmmmmmmm Definitely something to make when i've got a sweet craving!


Also regarding your website, I think it is fantastic that you have your recipes up there. I always want to know what goes into anything I buy and seeing the recipes makes me (especially if I were actually able to buy from you) feel more confident about purchase. Its all very friendly and warm and inviting...not to mention gets you hungry ;)




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Nice video, delicious looking buns.

I was curious about the filling too. Azuki beans?

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Mini Oven

wood trim, stainless and camera angles.  Bread looks good too.  I enjoyed your video and the music.

Can't really see that you're scoring the buns, had to think about that a few seconds.  I think you spent about the right amount of time on various aspects, good editing!  The beginner will say "hey wait a minute, can you show that to me again?"   and watch it again and again.  Lots of information.  Thank you.

Mini O

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You did that with such ease!  The bread looks wonderful.  Thanks for sharing.  Those little lessons are very helpful for my technique. 

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Thank you for the compliments everyone, this is a very supportive environment.

I am glad to provide the drool when you provide such lovely bread porn ;) Can't say I've heard that term before, but I definitely get it. Good one. it kind of like sweet red bean paste in chinese steamed buns? Azuki beans and sweetened red bean paste are one and the same. The steamed buns (Bao) are made the same way, but with a different dough and cooked in a bamboo steamer.

regarding your website, I think it is fantastic... My wife made (is making) the website, so I passed on your compliments.

you spent about the right amount of time on various aspects, good editing! Thanks, the original edited version was 20 minutes long and so I shortened it drastically. The next ones will be more specific, but about the same length.

Those little lessons are very helpful for my technique. If there are any specific areas that you would find more helpful, please let me know.

Thanks again everybody.


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Really awesome.  Nice Work!  I envy your rolling techniques!  Really great looking stuff.  Nice job on the video.


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Your rolls and bread that you "snuck"(?) sneeked(?) what ever.. in the background was fantastic. The plain roll (no filling) that you did looked exactly like mine from your recipe, only yours was fluffier like they should be. Now you got me on fire to try again tomorrow on the bread for my FIL. Got a batch of cinnamon rolls in for the second rise right now for in the morning, and by the looks of the size of the recipe, I'll be needing to make a trip to the in laws tomorrow to share . Boy, it made a big dough. So anyway, what better time to make another PSB recipe! Your video was on the money, I wish every one could do more of those. As you said a picture is worth a thousand words. And by the way I am envious of your counter tops! Mine are TILE, and if you don't roll out on one of those King Arthur Flour silpats for dough rolling you can dig dried dough out of those grout lines for days! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your big Pat on the back you earned it!

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Nice job Mark you certainly know how to get the girls attention here. The web site looks like it's coming along also. What kind of oven do you have for baking commercially? I would love to see your bakery space if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Looking at your pricing it seems like you are on the low side of fair for artisan bread products. How long until the grand opening?


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Thanks for the compliments Eric. The ovens I have for the bakery are both Blodgett convection. One is a Mark V (electric) half stack, and the other is a Zephaire (gas) double stack. The bakery space is still 'under construction' so the equipment is scattered amongst each other, hence no pics of the bakery on the website. The licensing process we're going through is taking FOREVER, so I'm guessing the grand opening will be in around two months.


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Thanks so much for the video and thanks to the cinematographer for her fine work.  That was a very well done video.  Wishing you a super success on your opening.  You do great work.


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Looks a lot different than the way my family makes it, but still delicious. What was the filling?

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I used azuki beans in the video, but they could be filled with many things.  I've also used ube (purple sweet potato) and they tasted great.  Most of the time people make the Portuguese Sweet Bread in round loaves and brush the top with milk to give it a nice brown color, but I prefer the rolls because they freeze well and are a great size for snacking.


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Both bread and video are so well done! What a team!!! You make it look easy. All good wishes for your opening.