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20180928 Rye Granola Bars

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20180928 Rye Granola Bars




I love rye.  I love it so much that I even use it to make granola bars. 






Using pre-gelatinized flaked rye has yielded the best results. 

These will be my son's snacks during his debate tournament tomorrow. 


I followed Ina Garten's recipe almost exactly...


"almost exactly" = no change to the seasonings


did make the following changes:


brewery flaked rye replaced oats

walnut replaced sliced almond

unsweetened (very important) shredded coconut replaced sweetened one

Chinese organic golden silk red jujubes replaced regular dates

organic raisins replaced cranberries


I used food processor and KA mixer to process and mix ingredients. 



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lucky son I reckon! hope his debate went well.


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I am usually not hard-sell at all but if you ever want to make granola bars,  please give this one a try (with my ingredients, of course ) It was perfect on the first try! Even the pickiest eater loves it! 

I just returned from judging debates all day today.  I am exhausted.  The kids did exceptionally well.  My son'school won the tournament!