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Can anyone translate this recipe

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Can anyone translate this recipe

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This is Japanese but there are some similar characters with Chinese, so I'm giving this a shot...

Strong flour 240g (bread flour or high gluten)

Sugar 24g

*Cream 40g

Milk 100g

Water 65g

*Butter 20g

Salt 3.2g

Yeast 3.2g

Again, not 100% sure, I put an asterisk next to the ones that may be wrong. Seems like a crazy amount of liquid compared to flour, though.

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I can't read japanese but do read a lot of recipes written in this language.

That's not as much liquid as it may seem since whole milk is only 87% water and 35% fats cream is only 58% water. However, there's a calculation error in the recipe. 40g cream is not 10.7% but 16.7% in baker's percentage. Either the % is written wrongly or the quantity of cream used should be 25-26g.

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Debra Wink

Have you tried running it through Google Translate? It's not perfect, but often close enough to get the gist. And sometimes quite entertaining.

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Edo Bread

The asterisks are correct - the first is "fresh cream" and the second is butter.