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Tartine Style Country got stuck, one made it...

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Tartine Style Country got stuck, one made it...

This was a bit of an starter peaked in the evening and we needed bread but I realized that a full bulk would mean a late night and I was tired....

so after the baguette and ciabatta approach to bulk I let it bulk for 1 and 1/2 hour with 30 min coil folds until it was bubbly and showed life and then put the dough in the 5C wine cooler for the night.

At 7AM the following morning, I took it out and put it for 2 hours in 75F proofer to warm up and get a little bit more bubbly and lively...I gave it a gentle fold but left it mostly alone...

After that I did a pre-shape and the dough looked like holding shape nicely, 45 min bench rest and final shape of that 'to be named' fold on Trevor's IG.

Then I decided, as we really needed bread, to go for room proof and took dough 2 hours in the sun...

Sadly one stuck to the cloth and I had a close shave with this one.....

Scoring this wet dough at room temp was a 'drag' and surprised I got the ear after all....


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Really good bread, Kat! Beautiful crumb and shape, probably yummy too!

I'm using that 'to be named' fold too, it's so much easier than other techniques I've tried and the result looks really good.

Happy baking!


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and focus on that darker crust similar to what you've said in your post....glad to hear that you've sorted the 'bottom' bit as I am still

experimenting with that if I were to go baking at higher temps to get that dark crust or otherwise longer and lower temp... :D

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as well a lovely open crumb. 

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and I am also very excited about that retardation, bulk experiment....Solano also has been working in this area with this weak flour in Brazil.

All every exciting... Kat

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as well as a big ear:-)  Monster holes with this one too.   What's not to like.  Well done and Happy baking Salty

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still working on darker crust without too dark bottoms..😂😂

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(third and fourth) what the others say.

If you haven't yet tried it, dip the tip of your blade in oil before scoring.  The oil helps to ease the blade through the dough.  Still the technique is really what counts.  But this one looks just dandy.


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with the oil and thank you so much....The crumb of the 'one that stuck' was still nice and it had a 'scarred' look on top but tasted amazing! All gets eaten in our house!! 

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Your loaf turned out great! Dough getting stuck can be a nightmare, but you still got a lovely result.

Im sure it tasted awesome, and the crumb is really nice. My house is like yours, anything gets eaten, I'm the only who cares what it looks like. LOL!

Happy baking Kat!