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Soughdough pancake

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Soughdough pancake

Hi All

I've managed to create a bit of a Frankenstein's monster.

My recipe

500g Spelt flour

1 1/2 TSP salt

200g spelt starter

290ml water

The dough was quite wet but manageable.

I floured my proving basket with rice flour and proved for 12 hours.

When I turned it out onto the baking sheet the dough had stuck to the basket and when I gave it several taps to get it out it collapsed on the baking sheet and was only about 1" thick.

It appear that the moisture in the dough made the rice flour wet and glued it in the basket.

Looking for advice on preventing this happening in the future.

I forgot to add I kneeded the dough for about 10 minutes first of all and about 3 minutes after the first prove.

Any help much appreciated