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Hello from me in the UK.

I have visited this forum for some ?15 years? - I forget lol.

Baked my first loaf 35 years ago and forced myself to eat it.

I have learned so much here - thanks to all of the posters. And the superb wee book you produce.

Currently I use a heavy baking stone in a domestic oven with a roasting tray filled with lava rocks for moisture. Generally finishing the crust of loaves like baguettes by misting them with water and giving them  5-7 minutes on a rack in a 200deg C oven with fan setting.

I also use a sassafras dome and a couple of Emile Henry baguette ceramics.

Sometimes I use a starter culture with 100 percent hydration, usually fed on dark rye. At other times I use a 24 hour yeast based culture as one might do with a poolish.

I want to do more retarded loves... one day...

Currently I am playing with Rye bread recipes from Europe... flavour bombs!

I am coming to the end of playing with Barley (using Beremeal - an ancient strain) Those results are very disappointing both with regard to flavour and crumb.

Previous projects are how to use a bread maker to produce 'artisan' breads. I am a great believer in bread makers for those who just don't have the time or the inclination to bake, but who want a good flavorsome loaf.

Dan Lepard is one of my superstars along with the Village Baker.

And, my dough slashing is about as good a a Neanderthal wearing welders gloves.





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I am so glad you decided to stop lurking and join in on the fun! We have a pretty nice bunch here as you have probably figured out from your lurking. Looking forward to your posts. 

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Thanks for the welcome - I did post quite a bit quite a lot of years ago... My old log on must have expired or something.

I've got more time now and am I'm trying to raise my game.

I'm only a moderately decent baker compared to some of the stars here.

Yes, the folks here are great :)


It's a good space.