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my "recipes

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my "recipes

my way for variety breads

When I make bread I do not go rigidly by amounts in a recipe.
I use a DLX, and I use bottled water, some times I use 2 bottles
some times 1 and what ever is left in another one.
I add part of the flour enough to mix in a tablespoon of sugar
and about 1 inch cube of fresh yeast that I crumple into the
water /flour,
I then add almost enough more flour to give me a nice dough, adding
a good 1/4 cup soft butter, mix that in, then 1 1/2 teaspoons salt,
and enough flour to give me the right feel of dough.
I then remove from the bowl, hand knead on floured counter to a
nice smooth round ball, place in oiled bowl, spray with water, cover
and let rise.
Then I knock it back, and bake as however I want it, maybe loaf
pans with 20 ounces in, or Pullman with 30 ounces, or bread rolls or
maybe free form. sweet buns, hot cross buns etc
I have been making bread for many many years, also a wide variety
of it.
To me bread is not an exact science, I enjoy bread baking, well any
baking from scratch. Also I have shown many friends how to make
bread, oh and also pastry. ;-))
I believe that bread takes it own sweet time to rise.
As I said I use a DLX, before that I used a Cuisinart Pro 7 food
processor, before that a Kenwood mixer, I have a K A mixer but it
really is not for breads etc.
I do mill my whole wheat flour. I some times add grated cheese to my dough, swap flours IE whole wheat,

 multi grain, add raisins etc and more sugar, or walnuts and walnut oil, the list is endless

all kinds of ways to give me a difference in flavour, and ofcourse different shapes. ;-)))) qahtan


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So you're saying you go exactly by the recipe book each time? Just kidding. Great pictures. I think I could almost smell the apple turnovers from the other thread...


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 I think this is where so many would be home bread bakers run amock, "cos they think bread baking is an exact science.

 I don't understand bakers percentages, or all the codswhollop about hydration.

 My way may not be correct but is sure is enjoyed by all that eat it. :-))) qahtan 

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Qahtan, I LOVE it! Haven't heard that one for ages and it expresses exactly how I feel about the technical stuff. I get a sort of math headache when I look at the %s. Kerfuffle might hit the spot too, A.

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I like your way baking.  Sometimes it seems the harder I try the worse I do. 

Your baking is inspiring.  I still have lots to learn.