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Yeast/quick bread dupe/Schlotskys

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Yeast/quick bread dupe/Schlotskys

Hi! I live in San Antonio, Texas and the best sandwich I have EVER had was from a hole-in-the-wall called the "Sandwich Garden". Wonderful sandwiches, on the BEST bread. Sadly, they have closed and my efforts to track down the owner (and Beg/Buy/Sell my first born) to get his recipe have been fruitless. 

The bread was unique. The closest resemblance is Schlotzky's (also home grown in TX, from same era, so suspect a relation). Schlotzky;s is a Texas based chain; they use a propriety mix to make their bread, but internet searches have turned up variations of a copy cat recipe, which I have made:

 ...but it;s not quite right. I have tried multiple versions of the copy cat, and while they are good, I find them bland, and not quite a dupe for Schlotsky's let alone the wonderful flavor and texture from Sandwich Garden, However; I do think the recipe is on the right track. Has anyone made a similar type bread? It is unlike the formulas I am used to working with, so not sure where to start to improve flavor and possible texture.




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The white bread at Schlotsky's is sourdough and nothing at all like the copycat recipes I've seen on the internet.