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SD Levain, 2YW Almost 123 with More Water Anniversary Bread

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SD Levain, 2YW Almost 123 with More Water Anniversary Bread


Her it is another wedding anniversary and ths one is special for so many reasons.  First it rained really hard in the wee hours this morning and we really need the raid badly.  The rain cooled off the excessive heat and we need less heat. 


The hi-way from east to west was flooded when a portion of it got 3.5 inches of rain in a hour – half a year’s worth.   We are mostly happiest just to be alive and still kicking with each other.


So Lucy came up with an appropriate recipe for an anniversary bread for 2.  I’m sourdough and my wife is a sweet yeast water so Lucy combined them in one bread.  This one had one levain based in the NMNF SD rye starter and a pre-ferment. made with two yeast waters; one Fig and one Apple.


The total 14% pre-fermented flour was split evenly between the two and was entirely made up of 5 whole grains: rye, Kamut, spelt, red wheat and oat in equal amounts.  Both pre-ferments were 10-% hydration with the liquid being equal parts of apple and fig YW for one and water for the other.


The NMSF starter was just refreshed lat Friday so it as really ready to go and the levain doubled in 4 hours and then put in the fridge for 16 hours.  The combo YW preferment was very slow to take off.  Both had been in the fridge for months and months with the fruits floating on the bottom.


We just took off some of each for the preferment after shaking them up and bit first.  After 4 hours it hadn’t done a thing so we just forgot about it an by this morning it had tripled.  It was really slow at first, but plenty feisty when it was needed.


Red Chicken Enchiladas

The SD levain was really cold coming out of the fridge so we did anew technique called ‘The Biscuit Method’  This method is just like getting the butter in the flour when making biscuits. I took the levain and just mixed it into the dry dough flour with my fingers until it looked like sand. This warmed it up to room temperature immediately.  We then put the dough water in to get it fermenting.


Chicken Chili Verde

30 minutes later we put in the YW preferment and mixed it in with a spoon and 20 slap and folds to get it incorporated and then sprinkled the salt on top with 4% more water bringing the overall hydration to 75% instead of the usual 71% for 123 bread.  With 14% whole grains it could easily take the extra water since half the dough flour was KA bread Floor and the other half La Fama AP.


We the started the gluten development after the water and salt was stirred in with another 20 slap and folds followed by 2 sets of 10 all on 30 minute intervals, getting the total slap and folds up to 60.  We then did 2 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points and let the dough bulk on the counter covered by the SS bowl for 30 minutes.


SD Pancakes for Bake Day

We pre-shaped the dough and then 15 minutes later finals shaped it and plopped it into a rice floured basket seam side up.  We let it proof for 2 hours and then un-molded it onto parchment on a peel, slashed it hopscotch style spritzed it and slid it into the combo cooker for 30 minutes of steam at 425 F,


Once the lid came off, we let it bake another 10 minutes qt 425 F convection until it was bloomed, boldly baked and blistered..  We will await the crumb shot after it cools.  We also did 2 Strutting Peacock Fans and Sleeping Ferret Folds but Lucy want so keep when we did them secret for some reason.  One thing is for sure is that Biscuits, Ferrets and Peacocks make better bread.

The crust stayed crispy and it was thin.  The crumb was so soft it was almost impossible to cut with my bread knife. It really puffed itself upbut the crumb was only moderately open.   I ate two pieces with melted butter after 10 seconds in the microwave.  it is delicious.  Hardly sour and not too sweet either.  A fine bread all the way around.





1% NMNF rye starter

7% 5 grain Whole grain flour

7% water

YW Preferment

7% 5 Grain whole grain flour

3.5% each Fig and Apple yeast waster


43% Lafama AP flour

43% KA bread flour

61% Water

2% Sea salt

178% Total

Lucy says to never forget he salad





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And the secret to many happy years together, for partnerships of most any kind... respect, consideration, cooperation, and appreciation of good food! Congratulations!

Lucy was especially brilliant to have incorporated the YW's. I noticed my own YW, sulking in the back corner of the 'fridge, and wondered whether it may still be useful - will definitely give it a chance.

Enjoy the rain - a rare, but special event in the desert. I love smelling the rain, even before it arrives, and long after it has passed. Happy weekend,


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It rained again last night  These thunderstorms are starting to get to Lucy who hates them.  How do Daisy and Tillie do with them?  Poor things.  We like this bread and it sliced much better after sitting out overnight.  YW and SD combos are perfect for those that don't like sour bread.  We will some dipping in EVOO, balsamic, cracked black pepper, Parm and fresh basil

Happy baking Cthy

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Have  you tried giving Lucy one or two mg of Melatonin if you're expecting thunder. It's pretty benign and works well for Barney.

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Hope you two have enjoyed the day.

The bread looks great on the outside so it'd be at least as good on the inside hopefully. The idea of combining yeast water and sourdough has always interested me. I'll soon be able to try it out for myself as my newly created date yeast water is looking very active on day 4 (so active it spilled out of the jar...oops).

Here's another day for Mexican feast! I'm especially drawn to the Red Chicken Enchiladas. I have yet to find a red enchiladas sauce recipe that pleases me. Can you share yours so that I can see how it can be improved?

Nice bake and Happy baking!

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to Zinburger's for burgers cooked in Zinfandel and zucchini fries which are way better than regular fries and another glass of wine.  It was fine, low brow, dining and we sat outside in the heat at both places because they had misters going and it was only in the low 90's due to the rain. Thid bread was great as toast thls morning.  Still the softest bread ever but at least we could slice it and the rust is sill crispy too:-)

I don't like red enchilada sauce either but Lucy uses it as a base for her sauce that is darker, less bitter, more flavorful and sweeter.  I use dried chili powder that we make from arbol, negro, smoked paprika, morito, ancho, guahillo, chipotle and 2 kinds of Sante Fe peppers - medium and hot.  We use chicken stock in place of water and to make it sweeter and less bitter we take raisins, 1/4 C and re-hydrate them in 1/4 C chicken stok heated in the microwave and then stick bled them when soft into a paste.  We also use a can of diced tomatoes in place of tomato sauce.

You start of by chopping an onion half a poblano and a small de-seeded jalapeno and getting them soft in a medium sized pot with 1 T of EVOO.  Then add it 4 cloves of minced garlic and about a tablespoon of the chili power, 1 T of Mexican oregano crushed fine, 1/2 T each of cumin and coriander and let them bloom.  Then in goes the tomatoes, 1 1/2 C of chicken stock and the raisin puree with about half a teaspoon of salt and black pepper.  Chop up 1 yellow corn tortilla and put it in and then let it simmer for at least 1 hour adding chicken stock as needed if it gets too thick.  When it gets darker add in enough chicken stock, say 1/4 cup, and blend smooth with a stick blender. Half way through the simmering you can check in the spices and herbs to make sure they are right.  Done.  You can also make this in the Instant pot too.

Some people then put in some SD bread crumbs, anise, cinnamon, cloves, nuts and seeds with some Mexican chocolate and more chicken stock and poof you have mole in another hour or so.

Glad you like the bead Elsie and happy baking


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Exciting idea! I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the recipe.

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like. Some add sugar but they add raisins to mole for the same reason.   It is like tomatillos for green chili that are sour you do add sugar for that:-)

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and I am glad that its taste pleases both of you. I really need to give yeast water another shot! And happy anniversary!  

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in getting the crust and spring we like but maybe it was the YW or even the Biscuit Method, Sleeping Ferret Folds or those sneaky Strutting Peacock Fans.  So many new and fun things going on in Lucy's kitchen you almost need to be a robot to keep up. I really need Lucy to write a app for it all.  

Happy baking Danni

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As usual amazing pictures and descriptions !!   Happy Happy Anniversary !!  don't know how many years you have but my sweetie and I have 47 1/2 !!  He made tortillas today with my new wooden press. They were perfection !!  I think he is a keeper.  Glad you got rain . Here in the Shenandoah Valley it is really hit or miss. Areas of VA have so much flooding and we are almost dry as a bone. The mountains play havoc with the rain clouds and send them up the road I guess. 

Happy baking Dab !  c

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for sure,  A bit of work but heck they are just so much better,  I love Clour tortillas best,  Half flour and half corn then you don't heed to one of each fot a taco:-)  I posted Lucy's recipe for them here 

With your new press they would look better for sure!

Wow 47 1/2  is delightful and we only have 15 more years to get there  We didn't get marries till we were 35 though!  Our daughter is always amazed that we actually had longer separate lives before we got married! We do wantto get to at least 50 years though and with my Dad a healthy 86 with a new hip last year - we have a shot at it!

Glad you liked the post and happy baking trail!

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Lazy Loafer

and as usual, mouth-watering food pictures to go with it! I bet that soft, yummy bread is all gone now. :) I gotta do more with the yeast water; I like it! Smells so nice. And it's nice to see the Sleeping Ferret fold is taking off too. :D

Happy anniversary to you and the Missus. Sounds like a nice dinner in the relative cool after the rain. We've been having a stage 3 drought here on Vancouver Island with several heat waves too, but today it actually rained. I almost went out and danced in it! All the doors and windows are open, and it smells so good. Well, besides the five kinds of bread that were baked this morning, that is. :)


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the Nimitz.  It is in dry dock in Bremerton so they will be in port 2 years - no sea time!  So we will be visiting them at least 4 times a year, hopefully all in the hot the summer months here in AZ:-)  Can't wait to get back your way.   We had not had any rain for more than 6 months, sometime in 2017, until this monsoon finally got going in August.  You don't open the doors and windows here after a rain:-)  It would be 100% humidity and 105 F,  Nothing smells that good for that sauna experience!

We always did the Sleeping Ferret Fold but never had a name for it.  That name is perfect description that fits the fold!  Glad you liked the post and happy baking LL

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Congrats on the much needed rain as well.  Love the crumb on this one and the Mexican food looks to die for as usual.  Glad you had a nice night out with your "better half" too :).  Hope you brought a doggie bag home for poor Lucy!

Max and Lexi are tired of the rain we've been getting too, but at least today wasn't too humid.

Happy Baking and Anniversary.

Ian, Max, Lexi and the rest of the LI gang.

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from the Monsoon. If the break is too long Monsoon will be over..... at the end of the month:-)  No thunder last night so Lucy got a good nights sleep and she is still sleeping:-)  It is very hot and humid today.  Black dogs would be on fire from spontaneous combustion here,  Thanks for the Anniversary Congrats and Lucy sends her best to the East Coast pack of 7.

Happy baking Ian!

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I hope Lucy slept early to give you two some "alone" time and enjoy the special occasion. It's difficult to savor each moment with the one you love when there are ankle-biters around! :)

It looks so soft and luscious! I love how beautiful and magical this simple bread is, like a perfect relationship; two simple people who found their perfect match make millions of beautiful things, each day is magic!

Happy Baking! 

dabrownman's picture

SD levain with retard and whole grains but it is just FWSY and LAB otherwise:-)  The YW really makes it tall and billowy like an overstuffed pillow - so soft and moist.  We had a simple anniversary but we enjoyed it.  Every day should be an adventure but that one was mellow and relaxing.  

Glad you liked the post and thanks for the good wishes Job.  Happy baking!

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I hope you had a   wonderful day!! 

Your loaf looks amazing! I love the description of the folds, I had a good chuckle at that! LOL!

Can you taste the apple and fig in the loaf?

Great post Dab!

Happy baking


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I used all the folds: Slap, Stretch, Ferret and Peacock to go with the new levain incorporation technique - Biscuit!  I really feel like we are keeping up with all the new bread stuff heading our way from the youngsters!  Thankfully most of it actually works great too. I  hardly feel 65 much less 66 now....Lucy still feels like she is 98 though:-)

I can't taste the Apples or Figs but the sour is muted and the crumb is super soft and moist - the way only YW can make it.  It really is a nice bread.  It has been a few years since we did a combo pre-ferment and levain and I don't know why we got away from it exactly either.

Glad you like it Ru and happy baking!

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Really nice way to celebrate your Anniversary and years of partnership! Congratulations and happy Bakingversary!


dabrownman's picture

instead of standing apart!  We like celebrations more and more it seems as we grow older together!  Thanks for the good wishes and happy baking pul