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Overactive sourdough starter

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Overactive sourdough starter

Hi -

Completely new at this sourdough starter business so forgive my ignorance.

I’ve followed a starter recipe that called for 500 g bread flour (I used King Arthur), grated apple, and 370 ml water (I added a tiny bit more water because it seemed too sticky and gloopy) to be put in an airtight container for three days before discarding half and feeding. 

Well. We’re only on day two and that puppy has more than doubled and is bubbling like mad. It’s in a very tall plastic container but it’s about a quarter of the way from the top already. Concerned it might explode, I have unsealed the pop-lock top and just have the lid sitting on top but not locked. Just since checking it this afternoon, it’s grown another inch in about 4 hours.


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types of bacteria that take over at first. Eventually, the pH drops and the yeast and beneficial bacteria establish themselves and you will have a starter that you can bake with. This usually takes around 20 days to 2 weeks. 

You were smart to pop the lid. It very well could have exploded all over your kitchen. 

I haven’t heard of using grated apple to get a starter going but anything is possible. I suggest that you add a little pineapple juice to your mix as it will drop the pH and will help your starter either skip or shorten the stinky stage. 

By the way, 500 g of flour is a waste in my book. Reduce that to 100 g. It will work just fine without you throwing out tons of flour which is what will happen when you start feeding the thing. 

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Thanks so much - good info. (I sort of questioned that amount of flour too but it was just to start. The feedings recommended are in line with what you said.) Interesting tip about the pineapple juice - I’ll try it out.