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Hi from Edinburgh

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Hi from Edinburgh



I am Tom, 27 years old.  I have started baking bread around 11 weeks ago. 

Since become hooked. I bake most weekends and I am interested in Sourdough, Challah, babka and anything else that I can make sweet. 

I have been lurking on here for about a month and I have already learned so much.  


I look forward to baking with you all.  

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Abe (not verified)

Good to have you here. Well you've been here for a month already so I don't have to introduce you to the site. You know the workings by now.

Looking forward to sharing our bakes.

- Abe.

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Hi Tom, 

When you mentioned “and anything else I can make sweet”, a single favorite bread came to mind. Check this out.

Please share your baking endeavors with us...


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This bread looks amazing. 

I have added this to my to bake list. 

I dont have a kitchen aid(my city kitchen is too small so I need to get to the gym and build my muscles before attempting this. 


Thanks for the warm welcome.  


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Hi Tom!

I started baking our own bread (challah, on Fridays) a few months ago. My wife is now loathe to go back to store-bought challah. Once you start baking your own bread it's hard to go back to store-bought I suppose.

Good luck & welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome.

I first became interested in challah by getting a loaf from an artisan bakery near my flat. Since then I have always wanted to make it.

Now I'm realising that it is such a versatile and forgiving bread. My partner loves my challah more than the one we can buy. It's a real confidence boost. 



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Hi Byron!

Do you put eggs in your challah?

Challah is indeed very versatile. It can be made with all sorts of flours, yeasts, starters & other ingredients.

Challah is the Hebrew word used in Numbers 15:20 and usually translated as "loaf" (or "cake")

And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying: Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When you come into the land whither I bring you, then it shall be, that, when you eat of the bread of the land, you shall set apart a portion for a gift unto the Lord. Of the first of your dough you shall set apart a loaf for a gift; as that which is set apart of the threshing-floor, so shall you set it apart. Of the first of your dough you shall give unto the Lord a portion for a gift throughout your generations.

When using at least 1.67 kilograms of flour Orthodox Jews will say a blessing over the dough, take a tiny bit and say "This is challah." The portion designated as challah will then be burnt. (In olden days it was given to the Aaronic priests.)  

Your partner has the right idea. Now that I bake our own my wife & I are loathe to use store-bought challah no matter how good it is.

Be well & be in touch!



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yeast water.  i find it much nicer for sweet breads or any bread where sour is not wanted.  Check the babka out here,  it is great for Challah too or Portugese Sweet Bread or Hawaiian rolls.

Welcome and happy baking