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I can't seem to get it soft

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I can't seem to get it soft

I have been trying to make soft bread, the ones you find in japanese and chinese bakeries (the likes of breadtop in australia).  But i can't seem to get the bread soft.  It always turns out crusty.  Is my oven too hot? or am i suppose to be brushing it with something like milk or egg wash.  I don't think the bakeries brush it with egg wash.

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When you set your bread on the rack to cool, cover the loaf with a lightweight towel. The humid air coming off the bread will collect on the towel and keep the crust soft.

I used to have the exact same problem with my hamburger buns. My crust was too crunchy. Then, I started letting them cool with a towel on top and the crust was perfect!

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Great tip thanks.  I think the steam does it.  I put it in the microwave today instead of the oven to reheat and it was soft.

But i don't know how bakeries do it.

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Like this? Or this?

Happy baking!


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yeah my recipe is tang zhong already. lol.  

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Are you using a roux as a sort of starter for your recipe?

If you are it is important you use full fat milk in it(or fats at later stages).

Or is the problem a thick crust? 

Ensure you do not develop a skin on the dough during proofing and keep steam throughout the entire bake to ensure the crust remains thin. As soon as you remove it from the oven spray lightly with water and cover.

Do not bake it directly on a stone or anything that will provide direct, radiant heat.