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1-2-3: Cream Cheese and Chive

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1-2-3: Cream Cheese and Chive

Continuing my chronicles of 1-2-3 sourdough baking, here is a cream cheese and chive loaf.  Starting with 200 grams starter, I added 40 grams of cream cheese at the outset (before autolyse), and worked in 40 grams of chives during the S&Fs, starting with the 2nd S&F.

The bread came out tasty.  The cream cheese added just the slightest additional tang.  The chives were a little underwhelming to my taste, and next time I think I'll go 60 or 80 grams (if I can scrounge that much from my garden).  We ate it toasted with butter and cold-smoked salmon on top.  No complaints or leftovers - always a good sign!

I should note that I ran out of bread flour just before this bake.  Normally I would use 50/50 AP and bread, but this time it was 90/10.  I also had an issue with scheduling and had to cut the bulk fermentation down from my usual 4 hours to just under 3.  As a result of both these factors, the crumb wasn't quite up to par.



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I would be perfectly happy with that crumb! And your recipe sounds amazing! Well done!