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Whole wheat yeast Lava what the heck?

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Mister Benny

Whole wheat yeast Lava what the heck?

Day 3 sourdough starter, overnight it erupted out of the jar making a sour flour mess on me better half's wooden dentist cabinet YIKES. No videos I have watched mentioned it doing this so now I don't know what happened but at least half of it flowed out of the jar. 

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But although it looks impressive it's not ready yet. This initial burst of activity is probably not coming from the yeast or bacteria found in a viable starter but rather the quick off the mark bad bacteria. You will find after this stage it will slow down.

Don't worry about it. Keep feeding it on schedule and keep it warm. For now a feed every 24 hours is fine. Should it slow down or even come to a standstill then you can slow down your feedings. But before you do anything rash or panic ask here first. Keep calm and carry on :)

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Lazy Loafer

Try less starter and/or a bigger jar. And as Abe says, carry on... :)