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My first Challah

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My first Challah

I'm a novice baker who makes sandwich-style loaves for the household (and occasionally a free-formed loaf for special occasions), but this is my first challah and braided loaf. I used the Challah recipe in the Bread Baker's Apprentice.

Challah, from the BBA recipe

I messed up a bit on the four-strand braiding, but I'm sure it tastes just fine. It's cooling in the kitchen right now.


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No mess-up from this angle--what a lovely braid.

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I've seen much less pro looking loaves coming from people that make their livings doing this.

My wife asked why I can't make great looking bread like that, I blamed it on the fact that she won't buy butter and eggs! That should hold her for now.


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Dave W

Looks pretty good to me, we messed up big style on a six strander out of the La Brea bread book, mind you we had had a few drinks before hand! but tasted good anyhow.

Well done.


Dave W

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You did a fine job with your challah, it's beautiful.                                                                           weavershouse

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Your challah is looking Good, VERY GOOD...In fact it looks like a picture right out of a cookbook.  Nice going.


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You sure did a beautiful job. Isn't it a fun bread to make! Seems like an extra reward with that lovely braiding that springs after the bake and is so decorative.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. There's just a heel of it left in the house now, enough for two good slices of French toast tomorrow morning.