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Instant Yeast Ratios

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Instant Yeast Ratios

 I am pretty comfortable with sourdough bread baking, but I use instant yeast less frequently, and I’ve gotten a little rusty when it comes to the appropriate amount of yeast to use. I understand that there are no hard and fast rules, and I also understand that the amount of yeast depends upon the other ingredients in the bread, and how long I‘d like the bread to rise. Having said that, though, I’d be curious to hear what folks think might be a general guideline ( looking around on the Internet, advice varies wildly).  For example, if I’m using 6 cups of white bread flour, and if I’d like the ultimate fermentation and second  rise each to be about 2–3 hours, how much instant yeast would be appropriate? Thanks.  

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than yeasted breads. Putting together an off the cuff sourdough recipe has become easier than using yeast. A little while ago I tried a yeasted bread and found myself stopping to think more about how I'm going to tackle this.

You are correct in everything you have said in that there's no hard steadfast rule and it really comes down to what you're after. Flavour vs. Time.

One thing I have noticed though is that you want both the first and second rise to be around the same time. I think you'll find the final proofing will be shorter than the bulk ferment.

For a time scale to 2-3 hours I think you're looking at around about 1% dried yeast (by weight). But then again you'll have to take temperature into account too.

I work in weight, rather than volume, as it's easier to think in percentages. I'm going to take 6 cups of bread flour at around 720g. 1% of 720g will be 7.2g and should be the standard amount you get in those single yeast packets. If you're not getting the single packets then around 1.5 tsp should be a good amount.

Hope this helps.

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 Abe – thanks for the advice. Very helpful. Yes, you’re probably right about a shorter second rise. And I too prefer weights and baker’s percentages, so aiming for 1%, (adjusted depending on all those other variables), is very useful. I’m going to play with it, and see where it leads.  (I have focused so much on sourdough over the past couple of years that I forgot  how nice a simple yeasted bread can be!)  Thanks again. 

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Mini Oven

In weight than it looks.  I get 3 level teaspoons of instant yeast from a 7 g packet.  (The package says for 500g flour.). I would use one teaspoon instant for every 2 cups of flour.  In a hurry, I might double that if the kitchen and ingredients were cool.  

After working with sourdough, it might be helpful to set a timer to check the dough often as it will appear to rise at lightning speeds.  (Rapid yeast is stressful stuff!)   :)  

You can also get several rises out of it so if it proofs too far, don't be afraid to knock it down, reshape and proof again.


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Ha!   It is stressful stuff isn’t it!   Thanks very much for your suggestions.