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Comparison of the starter with High amount of Bacteria VS Yeast

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Comparison of the starter with High amount of Bacteria VS Yeast

Hi All.


Sorry for another new post.... recently i came across an topid of the bacteria VS yeast in SD starter OR (pasta madre).

so, here is my quesiton....


how do we disgustish the two starter which:


1.) High amount of Bacteria - High amount of Lactic/Acetic Acid. 

2.) High amount of yeast (e.g : yeast water converted Starter) : Low amount of lactid/Acetic acid.

*if we use both 1.) High lactic acid and 2.) Low Lactic acid starter to proof the SAME batch of dough, are we expecting more air pocket and airy crumb with big pocket in the crumb for the one with LOW lactic acid (since yeast dont produce acid but CO2 and Ethanol) and tight /tiny air pocket for the one proof/ferment with 1.) (high lactic acid) ?

I believe this quesiton is closely related to the tight crumb loaf VS very airy and big ir pocket crumb loaf. Any advise? 

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all I know is that if your starter has a lowish yeast population you won’t get a good rise, so a more dense crumb. your starter 

darn ipad locked up! so... to continue my thoughts

 if your starter has high % bacteria you will get the acid production (acetic or lactic?)  but you must have yeast fermentation + gluten strength to get a good open crumbed loaf.

Last weekend I made a Yeast water poolish combined with my nicely active SD levain and got a really lovely lacy open crumb.  so maybe..