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Fruit yeast please

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Fruit yeast please

i have jumped head first into fruit yeast water, and I have a few questions.

1. Can the fruit be used? I have a green tomato YW and I am not sure if I shout toss the fruit or cook it...

2. I keep my sourdough starter out all the time. it never goes into the fridge, and I feed it usually twice a day. Can I do the same thing with the YW? If so what do I feed it? More fruit? 

3. I have read the YW can be used in everything yeast is in, but when I tried to make bagels from my RYW it didn’t work out. Does anyone have advice on how to portion the YW compared to commercial yeast?

4. I know I have many more questions, but they have slipped my mind....

o am so excited to use this yeast.


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my apple yw is about 6 yrs old so i have a lot of success with it. 

1) in my experience after the 7-10 days the fruit has been in the YW it tastes terrible and should be tossed. All the flavor and sugars are depleted. 

2) i never keep my SD or my YW out 24/7. My SD is about 10 yrs old and lives in the fridge as does my YW. Every 7-10 days i remove the YW from the fridge , take out  the apples and replenish with 1/2 of a new one chopped in largish pieces. I leave it out a couple hours and the replace in fridge. 

3) there are several ways to use YW. Make a levain with equal parts flour and yw and sub this for your SD in any formula. You can also simply add 100-200cc yw in place of reg water in a formula and no other levaining. You can also make a double levain of SD in a container and YW with flour in another container and add both levains. You can also add YW to a bit of your SD starter and more flour and water and use that . 

4) 30% about of total dough volume is your levain volume when subbing for yeast


hope this helps