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Using Sir Galahad Flour

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Using Sir Galahad Flour

Hello! i'm a Micro Bakery out of Wyoming making about 120 loaves per week in my Rofco B40.  I have been using Bay State Milling's organic bread flour.  I just got two 50 lb bags of Sir Galahad after reading here that it is a good choice for artisan bakers and has protein content that is on par with bread flour.  I typically make sourdough boules @ 72% hydration. i make all white, some that are 10% wheat some that are 10% rye.  


I am looking for any tips, tricks, advice for using SG.  i know people have made sourdough bread that is totally SG or other all purpose flour- and that is what i'd like to go for if possible.  I made some test loaves and sure enough they are quite flat. So more Stretch and fold?  what else can i do?


Thanks so much!