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Need breadnerd friends!

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Need breadnerd friends!

Hi everyone!

Just discovered this site and forum a couple weeks ago. I'm getting back into sourdough baking after a few years off and am falling back in love with the process, challenge and of course...the yum.

I'm a bit more haphazard I think than the majority here but I'm anxious to learn more about better equipment, precise measurements and temperature control. I love having mixed results though too. It's fun for me to try and adjust my method and recipes with the changing humidity, temperatures and seasons. I feel like I'm getting more in tune with the moods and quirks of my kitchen's eco-system and gaining unique intimacy with my food. 

I'm working towards not buying any of my household's baked goods and switching all to sourdough. Right now I'm baking our bread, pita and pizza dough but I'm practicing recipes for bagels and cinnamon rolls and want to do all our english muffins and hotdog and hamburger buns eventually. One day I'd love to start a home business maybe if I can tune in/improve my skills enough. 

I don't know anyone else well who bakes as much as me and I don't know anyone in my area that does sourdough so I'm excited to get some online companionship at least. 

Thanks for being here! 

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Lechem (not verified)

Well you have certainly come to the right place. Wonderful friendly lot here who all share your passion for baking. I'm sure you'll get everything you need from this website. I'm Abe and live in London. Where do you live?

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I think you've found the right place. We are like one big family spread throughout the world. I've never flown on a plane, but through the forum have have great friends in distant places like England, Singapore, New Zealand and a host of other far away destinations. I live in south Louisiana (USA)...

We just started a community bake and we'd love to have you join in, if that is something that appeals to you. Here is the link.


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Empire's Chef Chris

Welcome! This is a great site you'll get a lot of helpful hints. I've been baking bread and pastry for over 17 years now and still find useful helpful hints from the people on this site. When it comes to baking you never stop learning. I do a lot of sourdough so I can offer up as much help as I can. I'm based in N.Y. myself and bake regularly and always experimenting with new ways of approching bread and with new flavors  Happy Baking

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Thanks for the welcome!

I'm in central Indiana in the USA.

Thanks for inviting me to the community bake. I plan to follow that thread but the recipe is so intimidating to me. It looks a lot like math. I'm not even baking with a scale at all (yet?).

Sorry I'm just now replying. I'm a stay at home mom to a one-year-old so I don't get time to get online very much. :)

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you don't have to use, and wash, all those measuring cups. Just hit 'zero' or 'tare' between ingredients. I get really annoyed now at recipes that only come in cups and spoons, even though it's easy enough to do the conversions online. You don't need an expensive or fancy one, and they've come down in price. One that's easy to wipe off is good, because of tendency to drop/spill ingredients on it when distracted. Also one with batteries that are easy to replace, not specialty.